Regional Vice President of Operations

Full Time, Exp - 5-10+ years

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Job description

Regional Vice President of Operations is directly responsible for the overall financial, profitability, safety, maintenance, positive culture and brand compliance of an assigned portfolio of hotels.

Job Essentials:
Revenue: Achieve all budgeted numbers. Daily involvement in sales and revenue management. At times, assist team in closing business. Ensure consistent positive RevPAR Index. Attend at minimum two revenue calls per month, per hotel and contribute.

Reporting: Provide accurate, timely reports to the Executive Vice President, as per directed. Understand the hotels you manage. Adhere to the Best Practices Reporting Schedule. Review nigh audit reports and take action as needed.

Culture/Morale/Turnover/Team Member Relations: Lead by example, build a solid culture and minimize team member turnover. When on visits, attend departmental stand-up meetings, hold one-on-one with hotel staff and hold team accountable.

Maintenance and Safety: Verify on property walk throughs that solid preventative maintenance programs are in place for the entire hotel and equipment, etc. Conduct safety inspections.

Brand Compliance: Must ensure passing of all brand training, QA Inspections, etc. Be at or higher than brand thresholds.

Travel: Job consists of 80% travel. Regional Vice Presidents must visit their assigned hotels frequently (need hotel prioritized) and conduct full hands-on support and analysis to ensure hotels are performing at their optimal best.

Cost Containment / Profitability: Ensure all properties are controlling all expenses, re-bid service agreements, ensure PO and labor systems are in place and followed. Achieve or exceed profitability numbers. Ensure labor reports are in place and staffing guidelines makes sense.

Maintain great Brand relationships. Understand Key Reports – Hoteligence, Star Reports, etc. Knowledge of hotels operations, including marketing plans, security and safety programs, personnel and basic labor laws, preparation of business plans, repairs, maintenance, budget, forecasting, quality assurance programs, hospitality law, and long-range planning. Command of the English language, both written and verbal. Conduct walk-throughs and document reports. Assist in Capex / PIPS. If applicable, involvement in union negotiations, assist property in arbitrations, mediations, etc.

Job Type: Full-time

Corporate Office

Uniondale NY